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With the season of Spring cleaning well under way, it is a great time of year to try something new. Updating work methods and routines is part of an everyday evaluation we put ourselves through. Looking into those little jobs that take even a minute too long are great to get to grips with. The trick is to work smarter not harder.

No matter what size your bathroom; whether it be in an office, public building, business or institution the chances are it is shared with a number of people and requires cleaning several times a day. Our range of toilet and urinal floor mats are the perfect solution for any bathroom. The benefits are endless and the cost is effective to even a small operation. The mats themselves start from only 17p a day, which does not take into account the labor costs you will save on cleaning.

What if you could maintain your bathroom more effectively without any extra work?

The mat is made up of a super-absorbent fibre material that is laminated to a waterproof, non-skid backing. This is enclosed by a polypropylene cartridge with a grid pattern on top, our mats are designed to last up to eight weeks which ensures you have a safe bathroom environment for users.

Regular washroom cleaning and maintenance is often an after thought to many businesses but it is something that can make a big impression on your customers. A wet, slippy bathroom floor will not create a good lasting impression on your clients experience at your premises. Floors that have only a few splashes could result in urine being tracked all over the building, this is a minefield of cross contamination of bacteria. Floors and floor surface sealants that are eroded by urine become weaker and often soak up up more liquid, this leads to heavier, more pungent lasting odors that are increasingly stubborn to eliminate.

Wet floors caused by splashing, are dangerous, unsightly and create unpleasant odors. Splashes are random and difficult to control so are frustrating to predict. The urinal and toilet mats we sell are a fantastic, fast and effective solution to this problem. Normal daily damp mopping can continue normally as the mat is suitable to be mopped over. When it is ready to be replaced, simply throw out with your normal rubbish and put down a new one. The urinal and toilet mat is a smart addition for any bathroom and can drastically improve hygiene, reduce smells and reduce labour costs of maintenance cleaning.


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