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Summer is the time to let your venue shine. With people making the most of the Summer weather, your venue will be used for bookings from weddings to family reunions. No doubt the new staff will be trained, the wine glasses polished and the table linen pressed and set.

But don’t let slip of the small things. Venue restrooms are often overlooked in busy times but you don’t want them to make a lasting bad impression on your guests. Our urinal floor mats are the perfect solution for a safe, hygienic and slip free washroom. With more and more people referring to review sites before placing a booking, it is crucial that all the hard work you have undertaken in preparation for the busy Summer season is not let down by such a small detail.

Our mat is made from super-absorbent fibre material which is laminated to a waterproof, non-skid backing, and enclosed by a polypropylene cartridge. Our mats are designed to last up to eight weeks which ensures you have a safe bathroom environment for users, and guests will be impressed by your attention to detail. Even floors that have only a few splashes could result in urine being tracked all over the building, this minefield of bacteria  cross contamination could potentially ruin your reputation. Floors and floor surface sealants that are eroded by urine become weaker over time, soaking up up more liquid,leading to heavier, more pungent lasting odours that are increasingly stubborn to eliminate.

Our mats are easy and safe to use, with a non slip backing, the mats grip in place until you are ready to dispose of them and put down a new one. Wet floors caused by splashing look unsightly and create nasty, unpleasant odours. These splashes are impossible to control but with our floor mats, these splashes are encapsulated and neutralised. When the mat has expired simply throw it away, and replace with a new one.  The urinal and toilet mat is the clever choice for any bathroom and can drastically improve hygiene, reduce smells and reduce labour costs of maintenance cleaning. Order yours today from our website.

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