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Keeping the toilets in your pub or bar clean isn’t always the easiest task, so you’ll want all the help you can get.

Our urinal floor mats reduce the amount of mess and aid the cleaning process before it even starts. They absorb urine, solidifying it instantly while its neutralizing agent eliminates odours. They improve the safety and appearance of your bathroom by eliminating pools of urine that could cause falls and are unsightly. They are great value for money, providing cleaner, drier and safer floors for up to eight weeks.

A poll produced by Harris Interactive found that 88% of people feel that dirty toilets in a bar or pub reflects poorly on the sanitation of the rest of the premises. 29% said they would never come back to a pub that had a very dirty bathroom, and choosing an establishment that had clean and fresh smelling toilets was found to be one of the top three reasons for customers to come back for repeat business.

It should be obvious, really, but those statistics go some way to showing just how important it is to maintain a clean bathroom in your bar or pub. This is often easier said than done in drinking establishments, but that’s why urinal floor mats are all the more important in that kind of environment. You can’t clean the bathroom during peak times, but urinal floor mats ensure that standards can be maintained until the next time someone has the opportunity to properly see to the area.

You can’t afford to lose 29% of your business, so investing in some urinal floor mats alongside whatever janitorial upkeep you have in place is a no-brainer. You can get 6 for £59.95 with further discounts available when you purchase more at once. Make sure the toilets in your bar or pub don’t let you down!

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