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Information about our Splash catchers

Unleash the Urine Absorbing & Deodorizing Power of Hygienemats

Hygienemats Urinal Urine Absorbent & Deodoriser Mats are specially designed to absorb and solidify urine spills at urinals. Hygienemats have a revolutionary new absorbent core made with a state of the art super absorbent polymer and micro fibres. Every square inch of these mats will hold more than 2 ml of liquid so each mat can absorb and solidify urine without leaking. The absorbent core also incorporates an impressive neutralizing agent to control orders. Our exclusive waterproof bottom layer technology minimizes movement of the mat, maintaining its correct position on the floor. Enhanced Velcro fasteners add further resistance to slippage.

How Hygienemats Absorbs Urine while Controlling Odours

Hygienemats Urinal Urine Absorbent & Deodorizer Mats contain a high tech super absorbent polymer which can absorb over 100 times it’s weight in urine and convert it into a leak proof gel which is contained under a heavy duty plastic grid. This grid provides a barrier between the encapsulated urine and the bottom of shoes which prevents urine being tracked around buildings and resulting in unhygienic conditions. Unpleasant odours from the absorbed urine are encapsulated and destroyed by a very powerful odour neutraliser.


Hygienemats can be conveniently used at any urinal to effectively absorb urine, eliminate odours, prevent floor damage and to improve hygiene.

Directions for Using Hygiene mats

  • Hygiene mats disposable mats are designed to fit beneath urinals for maximum floor protection.
  • To unleash the urine absorbing & deodorizing power of Hygienemats, simply place under urinals. It’s as easy as that!
  • These mats eliminate constant checking and mopping by absorbing urine immediately and controlling the odour.
  • This means a cleaner environment, drier floor, less work, and easier clean up.
  • The mat should last up to 8 weeks under normal use and once it is fully soiled, simply throw it away.
  • The top heavy duty plastic grid is fully recyclable.

Hygienemats save you money on Janitorial Supplies

Disposable Hygienemats beneath all urinals in a public toilet will absorb residue and odour and save on clean-up time and effort because there is no need for constantly monitoring and mopping the floor. The rubber mat is designed to be thrown away once it is fully soiled. Disposable mats are available in packs of 6. Janitorial supplies can cost a lot of money. Using Hygienemats will save you money on both maintenance and cleaning supplies.

Hygienemats will also save wear and tear on your bathroom floor. Urine that is splashed on the floor will puddle and eventually ruin your floor. If you have a wood floor, the posture from the urine will get into the wood and cause it to expand and likely warp or buckle the floor. If you have ceramic tile it can stain and destroy the grout and tile on your toilet floor. Eventually you will have to replace your toilet floor prematurely.

Hygienemats are designed to keep your floor dry by absorbing the urine that would normally puddle on your toilet floor. The foam core will absorb and hold the urine and keep your floor dry. A dry bathroom floor helps in the overall appearance and cleanliness of your bathroom. Your bathroom floor will require less maintenance by reducing the number of times it needs mopping. Over time, this will reduce your cost and improve your bottom line.

Our Hygienemats are the only product available that can reduce your maintenance hours while improving the appearance of your bathroom. Floor surfaces beneath urinals and commodes have long been the sore spot in every toilets overall appearance. Urine odour caused by unsightly slashes and drips also creates a generally poor impression of a bathroom’s cleanliness.

Hygienemats solve all these problems

Hygienemats are disposable floor mats that lay on top of your toilet floor under the urinals. Our unique Hygienemats urinal mats provide a great new solution to the age old problem of keeping toilets clean. Reduce your janitorial supply costs with the use of these urinal floor mats. Urinal mats will also protect your restroom floor from the harmful effects of urine and other bacteria.

Our Hygienemats are composed of super-absorbent fibre materials laminated to a waterproof, non-skid backing and enclosed by a polypropylene cartridge with a grid pattern on top. The mat is placed on top of the bathroom floor directly underneath each urinal. The disposable urinal floor mats the catch all the splashed urine from the urinal and absorb it in the foam core. The mat remains dry and keeps the toilet floor clean.

Keeping toilets clean have always been a problem for restaurants, bars, schools, offices and other public toilets. Urine gets splashed from the urinal and gets on the floor. The urine then remains on the floor and gets tracked around the toilets and out into other public areas. Having ruing on the floor is unsightly and gives the general appearance of not being clean. Having and keeping a clean toilet floor gives the appearance of a clean bathroom.

Using Hygienemats on a regular basis will also reduce your yearly janitorial supplies and overhead costs. Not only will janitorial staff spend less time in the bathroom mopping the floor, you will also use less cleaning products in the process. You can reduce your multiple daily toilet floors mopping to remove puddles and wet floors. When scheduled daily toilet maintenance is required, you can simply mop over the urinal mats or remove them for entire floor mopping.

Protecting your toilet floor is another advantage of using Hygienemats. urine that lines on the toilet floor will eventually destroy your floor. If you have a ceramic tile floor, the urine will get into the grout and stain it. It can also stain your expensive tiles. If you have a wood or laminate floor, the urine will get in between the planks and cause the wood to expand and buckle. Urine will eventually destroy your toilet floor and require replacing.

In Summary

Hygienemats are disposable floor mats that lay on your toilet floor under your urinal. A Hygienemat solves the age old problem of keeping you toilet clean and dry. it catches and holds splashed using and keeps your floor dry all day long. Using Hygienemats on a regular basis will reduce your yearly janitorial supply cost and maintenance. Hygienemats will also protect your toilet floor from the harmful effects of urine and extend life to your floor.

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