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We know how important it is to make a great impression on your customers. You want them to come back to you time and time again and recommend you to family and friends.

It is often the smaller details that are overlooked that can make the biggest difference, or indeed cause the most damage. Having a clean and safe public washroom is vital to your businesses reputations

Follow our simple tips to a fresh, clean washroom

  1. Good lightning – There is nothing worse then finding yourself in a dark, dank and miserable looking bathroom. Make sure your stalls are well lit and the area around the wash basin is bright. Use of floor lamps can change how a space feels. Don’t let the wiring in the ceiling dictate what you can do to improve it.
  2. Keep your restroom well ventilated. If you are lacking in windows, fitting a small extractor fan is a great solution. You can always prop open doors when vacant and always give it a good airing out when you do the cleaning.
  3. Small accessories such as hand towel, flowers, or a plant, and of course hand soap will instantly change the feel of your washroom to a space that has been well considered with your customers in mind.
  4. Use hooks, either on the back of stall doors or a coat stand in the main room. Your customers will thank you for having somewhere clean and safe to hang their coat or bag while they use the facilities.

Our absorbent and deodorising mats are specially designed to absorb and solidify urine spills at urinals. These mats have a revolutionary new absorbent core made with a state of the art super absorbent polymer and micro fibres. Every square inch of these mats will hold more than 2 ml of liquid so each mat can absorb and solidify urine without leaking. The absorbent core also incorporates an impressive neutralising agent to control orders. Our exclusive waterproof bottom layer technology minimizes movement of the mat, maintaining its correct position on the floor. Enhanced Velcro fasteners add further resistance to slippage. You can buy your mats direct from our store here.

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