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Have you ever had one of those nights where you enjoy a great evening in a restaurant and it be one of the best places you have been? The greeting on arrival is polite and warming, somebody offers to take your coat. You aren’t left in the bar for too long, before you are taken to your table, the waiting staff were friendly but not that over the top annoying and the food was incredible and worth every penny. Just before you leave you use the bathroom, and the entire evening is put in a different light.

Many businesses make the mistake of leaving the bathroom as an afterthought. Do not fall into the trap of creating a brilliant hospitable business and allow the facilities to be as poor as an old outhouse! An unclean toilet conjures up images of an unclean kitchen and after a three course meal, you do not want to give your customers any notion that you are getting anything but top marks for hygiene.

Here are a few tips to keep your customers happy in the lavatory:

  • Designate a member of staff each shift (if designated cleaning staff are not on site) to maintain the bathrooms
  • Stock up on toilet roll, but DON’T change a half roll and leave it to sit on the back of a toilet, this looks messy and if you can imagine all the germs on these, so can your customers
  • A toilet check-list is great, but don’t leave it lying around for customers to see, you should be confident enough without having a piece of paper that says ‘look, it is clean, honestly’
  • Wall mounted soap dispensers are great, they are off the surface of the wash basin which means less contact points for bacteria to spread
  • If you are thinking of upgrading your facilities, install automatic sensors for flushes and taps. Again this eliminates contact surface where bacteria breeds.
  • Install hooks. This simple addition on the back of cubicle doors or near the sink for jackets, handbags or shopping bags makes the customer feel considered

Creating a clean space and customer experience is essential in getting return custom. Our urinal and toilet floor mats are a valuable addition to any bathroom. The unique technology traps any splashes before they can can create nasty odors. They fit in with bathroom fixtures and reassures your customers that you are creating a full and considered experience in your establishment. Try our mats today and you could save money, time and labour costs with one simple product.


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