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Here at Urinal Floor mats, we understand the importance of valuing your customers! That’s why we work closely with the hospitality industry; restaurants, hotels, pubs, and bars in helping them get the most from their restrooms.

In the current economic climate people are more selective about how they spend any disposable income. Monthly wages need to go a little bit further which is why you need to show you are doing that little bit extra. It is crucial to show your customers you are offering them a comfortable, safe and pleasant experience in your venue. Summer is the perfect time to show your customers your high standards as more people spontaneously popping out for a drink or a meal in the evening, take advantage of the good mood nice weather brings!

Our absorbent and deodorising mats are specially designed to absorb and solidify urine spills at urinals. These mats have a revolutionary new absorbent core made with a state of the art super absorbent polymer and micro fibres. Every square inch of these mats will hold more than 2 ml of liquid so each mat can absorb and solidify urine without leaking. The absorbent core also incorporates an impressive neutralising agent to control orders. Our exclusive waterproof bottom layer technology minimizes movement of the mat, maintaining its correct position on the floor. Enhanced Velcro fasteners add further resistance to slippage.

How our hygiene mats absorbs urine while controlling odours

The mats contain a high tech super absorbent polymer which can absorb over 100 times it’s weight in urine and convert it into a leak proof gel which is contained under a heavy duty plastic grid. This grid provides a barrier between the encapsulated urine and the bottom of shoes which prevents urine being tracked around buildings and resulting in unhygienic conditions. Unpleasant odours from the absorbed urine are encapsulated and destroyed by a very powerful odour neutraliser.

By showing attention for detail in your public restrooms your customers confidence in you will soar. Reduce labour time and costs with less timely mopping and put those slippery floor signs away! Order your pack of mats today and see the benefits instantly.

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